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January 4, 2018


Hello my friends.  I do love fresh starts and new beginnings and I am so excited to be starting a brand new year with all its possibilities still waiting to unfold.  I have just today put the last of my Christmas totes back into the attic and am busily reorganizing three rooms in our home (yes, three...all at the same time) hoping to give a little breathing space to our small cottage.

I don't know about you but I tend to use our spare room (aka the grandboys room) as a dumping ground collecting area for everything and anything in the month of December.  Well, that piper has to be paid eventually, and that is what the first week of January found me doing.

While I was at it I decided to move my craft room across the hall upstairs (from the small bedroom to the larger one) so that my husband could finally use the spare room for his music room.  This is where I ask the age old question, "What was I thinking?"  Now I have three messes going at once and am feeling extremely overwhelmed and unmotivated.

I have started to see good progress in the grandboys room which is a good thing because they will be staying with me this weekend.  Nothing like a little motivation to get you moving.  As for my craft room relocation...not so much of an end in sight there, but I am feeling the desire to create so I know it will get into high gear soon...at least that what I keep telling my husband.

Enough rambling for me.  How is your new year going?  Has the organizational bug hit you yet?  I posted a new youtube video earlier in the week showing how I cleaned and organized the living room post Christmas.  I will link it below in case you'd like to take a look.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and I hope to be back soon with a craft room reveal.

xo, Patty

December 7, 2017


I can't believe the first week of December is already behind us.  Please tell me it's not just because I'm getting older but isn't time just flying by?   I finally finished decorating our cottage and am so excited to start sharing it with you. 

I really went with a happy cottage vibe this year and color is definitely front and center.  I have tried

November 21, 2017


I know December is supposed to be the busier month and November the more laid back, pre-holiday, dream and plan month but that hasn't been true around here.  It seems October ended with a relaxed little gathering of girlfriends and November rushed in with wave after wave of busy days.

Not that I'm complaining...at all.  It has all been good stuff including time with friends and family,

October 27, 2017


I invited a few girlfriends over for little Halloween gathering last night and I wanted to share all the festive decor I came up using mostly Dollar Tree or hand crafted goodies.  This shin dig has been in my head and the preparation stages for over a month so I've had plenty of time to gather a little of this and a little of that plus come up with a crafty gift or two for my guests.

The list maker in me loves a little party planning and this get together was no exception.  After

October 11, 2017


I haven't always embraced Halloween.   There was a time when I was careful to go the "cute" route with happy pumpkins and bales of hay (not that there is anything wrong with that) sticking to what would naturally occur in my decor.

Halloween decor

Maybe it's having grand boys around or maybe it's just not really caring as much what my house

September 27, 2017


I finally finished the last of the Fall decorating around the cottage over the weekend and now I can't wait to share it with you.  I love the colors of fall because they blend so beautifully with the existing color scheme of our home.

The biggest change this year is the hint of robin's egg blue I tried to incorporate into my mostly

September 21, 2017


One of my favorite things about fall is getting back to bible study at church.  We have just started Beth Moore's Entrusted study and I can already tell it's going to be a good one...convicting in all the right ways.

I wanted to give the ladies at my table a little something to encourage them to hunker down with the