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June 24, 2012

sunny simple flowers

I spent a quiet day yesterday straightening up a bit around Lemon Lane Cottage.  Rearranging odds and ends.  Freshening up the mantel with some sunny simple flowers from the garden.

Life is full right now and I am basking in the ordinariness of it...

Not knowing what tomorrow holds but not fretting about it either...

Sometimes you just have trust in the freshness of flowers today and not worry about when their beauty will fade.  Finding comfort in the seeds of hope they leave behind to bloom again next season.

Enjoy your Sunday.

xo, Patty

I am joining my good friend Elaine for Sunny Simple Sundays.


  1. Your flowers look just right! I know what you mean, one "doing" at a time, one moment that matters. Happy Sunday!

  2. Beautful!
    Have a wonderful day:)

  3. Beautiful thoughts Patty and you are exactly right about life. You always give me mantel envy with your pretty decor.

  4. Love the white pitcher and daisies with a hint of color from the zinnia. Enjoy your creating . . .

  5. Your home is so serene, Patty. I always enjoy visiting it through your posts.

  6. Lemon Lane Cottage is beautiful! Love your flowers! and your mud room looks great!
    ~ Julie

  7. Such a nice post...we can't fret about what we can't do anything have such a lovely your posts!!

  8. I ADORE that golden bee pitcher! Just adore it.

  9. Patty,
    Your mantle is lovely! I have the same thoughts about flowers here on the Prairie, this year! I'm just enjoying each one as it blooms! Thanks for reminding us "just to enjoy the moment"!

  10. You and me, Patty. Feeling the exact same way.
    And the pitcher is wonderful!

  11. Fresh flowers always make thing better:) The flower print on the bottom right is just adorable too.

  12. Patty
    Great words to ponder, for sure.
    There's that bee pitcher I love.

  13. I'm loving the gold teapot.
    Have a great day.

  14. What a great display..Love the colors..Fresh flowers are always welcome..except in my house..I have a cat...

  15. Your pictures are so pretty. I love the framed edges around them. It adds such a nice touch.

  16. Amen Patty, lovely post. One day at a time...

  17. Do you know every morning I first check your blog. i love to see your post. how nicely you decorated everything. Inspired by you last Saturday i went thrift store. unfortunately i didn't anything. this week again i'll go. let see if i can get something. :)