March 31, 2014

banner love

Just a quick post to let you know I added some cute banners to my etsy shop and am offering a 10% discount to my blog, instagram and facebook friends.

Just use the code banner14 when you checkout.  The coupon is good through Friday, April 11, 2014.  I will be adding new banners in different colors soon or just convo me to make a custom request.  Be back tomorrow with a full post.  Happy Monday!

xo, Patty

March 27, 2014

a new spring mantel

Thank you for your kind words and comments on my last post.  It's reassuring to know you're not alone and that others can feel overwhelmed and over stimulated by their stuff, too.

I am finding a rhythm here at home and it feels so good.  My spring cleaning continues room by room and I am well on my way to finding new order in my nest.

After I gave the fireplace mantel a fresh coat of paint I decided I should probably spruce it up a little for spring.  I wanted to lighten things up a bit so I moved this thrifted floral painting from my gallery wall to here in front of the mirror.

Once I put it on the mantel the painted frame cried out for some blue company so I reached for my pretty collection of vintage ball jars. 

Add some pretty flowers cut from the garden and as easy as that the mantel was transformed.

I love how just this little bit of rearranging freshened up the whole room.

Of course that left an empty space on my gallery wall and on the bookcase that housed my mason jars...

More to share soon.

xo, Patty

March 25, 2014

taking back the dream

When I retired from full time work two years ago I was given the opportunity to do my dream job.  The job I felt I was born to do.  The job that bills and mortgages and kids needing braces forced me to put on the back burner...

I was given the chance to be a full time keeper of my home.

And what did I do with it?  I promptly set about saying yes to all the things that I thought I was missing out on when I was a working girl and over-committed myself right out my dream job.

Well, no more.  I am taking back my dream.  For me that means clearing my calendar, home and life of those things that only add busyness to my days.  It means saying no to lunch dates and teaching opportunities for awhile and not volunteering at school and church as often.  It means cleaning the house from top to bottom and only keeping those things that have beauty, meaning and function and are used on a regular basis.

All those teacups and china sets that I no longer use are going.  The mismatched bowls and those twenty thrifted water goblets I bought back when I hosted large gatherings are just gathering dust now and they are on their way out as well.

I pulled out my to do list and actually painted the ceiling in the living room and gave the mantel a fresh coat of paint.  I threw all the quilts in the wash and vacuumed out the furniture and dusted the base boards and I feel more in control of my life already.

For the first time in a long while tomorrow holds so much promise and hope.  Maybe this is why women have done a major spring cleaning every year for centuries.  There is something renewing about clearing out the clutter and restoring order in our homes. 

Tomorrow it's on to the dining room....

xo, Patty

March 5, 2014

craft studio - day two, organization

When my daughter walked into my craft studio after the re-org, her first comment as she took it all in got a lot of stuff!  She is so right, I am not going to try and deny it or even begin to justify it (I am sure there is some deep psychological need behind it all)...I have a lot of stuff!

Believe it or not I have pared it down recently and given some away.  I feel like what I have right now are all things that I use on a pretty regular basis...or plan to use soon...

I have developed a system of stations for different crafts, trying to group items together for easy access.  Fortunately for me when we moved in here six years ago I inherited this built in bookcase which is the workhorse of my craft studio.  It holds the majority of my supplies with the exception of paper, fabric and buttons which I'll show you tomorrow.

So heres the breakdown...

The brown crates hold all my glues, glue guns and my heating tool.  The stacked boxes contain crinkle ribbon, small cuts of lace and misc. fabric charm packs.  The red and blue buckets hold tags and vintage embroidered hankies and next to my craft book and magazines are a few of my vintage sheets.

These storage boxes are labeled and hold all the little things I use for paper crafts.  The stack of books on the top shelf are old music paper, one of my (vintage) grammar school math books and and old dictionary that I use for mixed media.

Top shelf - smaller cuts of batting, misc. unfinished projects in all the baskets, the large suitcase on the top shelf holds stamps.

Paint brushes, sculpting tools, copic markers, washi tapes, and colored pencils...

Top shelf - The muffin tins hold my beads and jewelry supplies, the blue case is full of craft paints.  Middle shelf holds threads and pins and the pink box contains my stamp inks and alpha stamps.  The jars contain zippers and vintage thread spools.

My tool caddie,  household notebook (I'll show you what I keep in there another time) and day planner, the small boxes hold sewing needles and Velcro.

The vintage make up case contains tulle, vintage wallpaper and a bit of velvet.  The old fishing box is used for my teaching supplies.

So there you have wall of stuff.  This is the most practical storage area in my space and I have plans to change out some of the more utilitarian storage containers for pretty ones in due time.

If you stuck with me this far, thanks.  I will be back to share more of my studio tomorrow.

xo, Patty

March 3, 2014

craft studio - day one

Happy Monday all!  I spent the majority of the weekend listening to the rain pour down as I tackled a job I have been putting off for a very long craft studio reorganization.  If you follow me on instagram or facebook you have seen a little bit of it already.

It was such a major undertaking that it will take me all week to share it with you.  I knew the time had come when I found myself spending more time crafting on the kitchen table then in my studio.  I would sneak in, find what I needed for my project and rush back out, only staying long enough to sew whatever needed to be sewn.

Not anymore.  The space is now thoroughly organized, cleaned of all dust bunnies and arranged in a way that looks less crowded than before.  It was a huge job (one that I regretted starting two hours in) but it was definitely worth it.

Now I have an uncluttered view of my raised cutting and veggie beds as well as the surrounding hillside.

I have created an office area for book keeping, packaging and mailing, which I desperately needed and have cleared a spot with terrific lighting for photography.

I can't wait to share it all with you.  So be sure and stop back by as I feel a give away coming at the end of the week long tour.

Thanks for stopping by!

xo, Patty

March 1, 2014

prettying up an apron...

Happy March everyone and hello Saturday.  We have been deluged with rain the last two days and I can still hear it falling steadily outside.  It is such a welcomed sound.

A good friend of mine is starting a new job at my favorite local scrapbook store and I wanted to do something special for her to celebrate.  Since a pretty apron is a requirement to work there, that seemed like the perfect little gift to give her.

I rummaged through my scrap fabric collection and found this pretty color combination from some pillows I made a couple of years back.  Whenever I have enough of a fabric line to make something else from the remnants I place them all together in a plastic bag and stick the whole thing in my scrap bin.

After a few seams to join together left over fabric strips, I had just enough to make three pretty rows of ruffles and one oversized pocket.

I could have made the apron body from scratch but this was one of those times where it was actually easier and more cost effective to start out with a premade apron and just pretty it up.  By the time I purchased the fabric and the seam binding it would probably have cost me more than it did to buy this one using my 40% off coupon at JoAnn's.  Not to mention the time I saved.

It turned out so pretty, I just might make up a few to put in my etsy shop...

Since the rain is expected to continue all day, I think I'll spend the rest of my day cleaning and organizing my studio.  I always feel inspired to create something pretty after a good de-cluttering.  Don't you?

Have a wonderful weekend!

xo, Patty

February 27, 2014

oh, sweet nap time

Because it's been a whole week since I've posted a baby picture and because I am proud of the restraint I have used...indulge me a little today.

Our sweet baby boy is two weeks old today.  As you can see he has mastered the art of nap time.

What would it be like to sleep so sleep like a baby?

Since I'm on a bragging role here, I have to say he is the very best baby.  Only cries when he's hungry (which is pretty much every time he's awake) or needs a changing.

He can withstand the noise and rough play of his big brother, who is always close by and the rowdy cheering of a NASCAR race with the volume up way too high.

He has even captured the heart of our sweet Bichon Bear who has been gracious enough to share his sliver of sunshine with him.

What a joy a baby can bring to a topsy turvy world.  God's perfect plan and gracious gift to this imperfect family.

xo, Patty