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September 29, 2014

my heart vs. my head

Well, I made it through the weekend...they're gone.  All packed up and moved out.  I have to admit my life feels a little like this today...

I did really well as we helped them pack up and then unload.  I only allowed myself tears after they left.  Their new apartment is nice, the neighborhood is safe, they are excited and happy, so my head knows it's time but my heart is a different matter.

I know it will catch up.  I have given myself a day of dramatic sighing and sadness but tomorrow when I start dreaming of this new life with time to myself and uninterrupted time with my hubby I know the color and joy will return.

My six year old grandson's parting words to me were, "It's kind of hard to move."  Yes, Andrew it is kind of hard to move but change is a necessary and exciting part of life.  And we will both be just fine.

xo, Patty

September 26, 2014

bathroom revamp reveal - and then it all came together

Grab a cup of something hot, it's another long one.

Every once in a while you get lucky and while one plan falls away and even better one takes it's place.  And so it was with my tiny main bath revamp.

Our house was built in 1954 and not much real estate was given to our main floor bathroom nor do we have a master bath in our bedroom, so this little bathroom is it for downstairs.

The walls were painted a couple of years ago when a pipe issue caused us to replace the floor and since painting is way down on my list of love to do's, I chose to just clean up, patch up, touch up and go.

I apologize for the lack of before pictures, the demo was a spur of the moment thing and really only consisted of taking down some dated towel bars and a little shelf above the toilet.

I have been collecting things for the revamp for the last couple of months, so that the cost would be minimal, since I've already spent the majority of my decorating budget on the kitchen and the dining room.  Other than a new towel bar, bath mat, towels and a new clock, I shopped my house or made it myself.

I re-purposed the white shelf from the kitchen and hung it over the new towel bar.  I made the "life is beauty full" wooden sign a couple of months ago to use in the bathroom so I placed it on top of the shelf.  I had originally wanted to go a bit more rustic in here but once I placed everything I'd originally gathered for the room on the shelf I was totally uninspired...not that you need much inspiration in the bathroom.

So I removed all the accessories and pouted a while...

Then while I was on the phone moaning to my mom, I happened to glance up and see this large canvas print in the living room.  I threw it up on the shelf, grabbed my vintage ball jars and added the wooden sign and then it all started to come together.

I headed over to Home Goods for a coral towel for a splash of color and spotted this one.  The colors couldn't be more perfect and I love it.  I found the round black clock there as well.  I think it balances out the display beautifully.

I was planning on hanging a collection of mirrors over the toilet but decided that a little color balance was needed on this side of the room so I hung the feather art I finished over the weekend.  (Sorry for the poor quality picture but the lighting is tricky in there.)

I styled and restyled the white shelf and while I love how it looked with the mercury candle holder, it didn't feel like it belonged in the bathroom.  (Thanks for all your IG opinions on the matter.)

So I removed the candle holder and added cotton balls and cotton swabs to the blue jars and I knew I'd finally reached the beauty vs. function I was after.

It feels good to have this room off my to do list.  I still need to repaint the little cabinet above the toilet but all in all this one went pretty quickly.  Let's hope the same goes for the living room.

In other news, my daughter and my grandsons are moving into there own place this weekend so my house will be quiet once again.  Keep reminding me that this is a good thing, won't you?  I'll still be watching them three or four times a week so they will be around plenty.  It's just not quite the same thing as having them sleeping upstairs and coming down noisily every morning...but wait, quiet mornings with my coffee are a good thing, right?  Please keep us in prayer through the transition.

Have a wonderful first weekend of fall!

xo, Patty

September 24, 2014

stumped and frustrated

Happy Wednesday.  My hope was to be able to share finished pictures of my little main bath with you today but it's not coming together like I imagined.  I have done the work, patched the holes, touched up the paint and hung the towel bar and shelf but it just doesn't look right.

I am stumped and frustrated.  I think I'm going to take down the accessories and just start over.  Editing and rearranging seems to be my mantra right now so I don't know why I'm surprised to be doing it once again.  I'm getting good at patching holes.

I hate when I have a vision in my head for a project and it doesn't work out.  Does that ever happen to you?

I'm on grandson babysitting duty today, so my work will happen during naps and quiet times.  Did I tell you he is already pulling himself up to a standing position on everything in sight and he is only seven months old?  Watching him (while he is awake) is now a full time job!

Silly little problems in our complicated world, for sure...

Hope to be back soon with some actual bathroom pictures.

xo, Patty

September 22, 2014

colorful feathers

We had a nice cool, fallish weekend here.  So cool that I even had to get up and close the bedroom window in the wee hours of the night.

After an early morning soccer game, I spent a little time Saturday (okay, most of the day) in my craft studio painting feathers.  Once I got started it was hard to stop and it ended up being a series of four colorful feathers with different inspirational quotes and verses.  It felt so good to be in there, lost to the rest of the world.  I was trying to calculate how long it had been since I created something just for the sake of creating and I think it was nearly three months.  No wonder I've been wound so tightly.

Today is back to reality...a little laundry to finish and then putting the main bath back together.  It should be a quick project (she said optimistically) so I'm hoping to have a few pictures to share with you soon.

How was your weekend?

Happy Monday and enjoy the last official day of summer!

xo, Patty

September 19, 2014

just a little slip...

So, you know that supernatural restraint I used with my kitchen revamp?  The one that kept me from over saturating the space with color and pattern...the one that encouraged me to keep it simple?

The one that flew out the window in the dining room redo when I found this fabric for the curtains?

You know, that one...

It may have slipped a little bit while I was strolling the isles of Cost Plus World Market looking for stemless wine glasses.

It may have allowed these two adorable spice ramekins to jump into my basket along with this pretty blue strainer.  Which caused me to go in search of a little counter balancing color for the other side of the shelf over the stove.  Luckily, I remembered this pretty yellow bowl I already had tucked away at home.

No worries, I reigned it all back in just in the nick of time.  Just a little splash of color to tie the two rooms together was all it took to put that color monster back in the box.

Until of course I start on the living room.

xo, Patty

September 17, 2014

gathering inspiration

It has been such a lazy week for me so far, what about you?  I know I should be moving full steam ahead with the last couple of projects on my revamp list but my energy level has really been zapped.

I did manage to gather together the last of the misplaced odds and ends that didn't find a place in the kitchen or dining room revamps.  Those things that I wasn't ready to part with knowing I would find a place for them sooner or later.

It's amazing what a pretty mix of color and pattern they make just grouped together like this.  They have become my inspiration palette for the living room spruce up.

I bought a few cans of spray paint to freshen up some frames and will be purchasing three new shades for the windows this weekend so I am making a little progress.  I also painted a desk I found for $4.00 at Goodwill.

Today I'm off to Hobby Lobby again with my sister in law in search of a knob for the thrift store desk and a yard of fabric for a new bathroom curtain, then it's off to lunch at Islands.  Wish me luck that I only walk out of there with what I went in for.

Happy Wednesday!

xo, Patty

September 15, 2014

what fall feels like

Can you remind me again what fall feels like?  How it smells...the nip in the air...actually looking forward to being in the kitchen making soup and baking pies?

You see we have forgotten here in the Southern California all about the wonders of autumn.

I drove across the San Gabriel Valley into the San Fernando Valley to pick up my grandson yesterday at 3:00 in the afternoon and the thermostat registered as high as 111 degrees.  That my friends is beyond hot...that is just plain make me cry real tears, mean.

So can you lucky people with real seasons tell me what your weekend was like?  And then in February when I am cutting flowers in my garden, I'll tell you all about spring.

I did manage to find these beauties in my otherwise parched back garden.  Just goes to show there is beauty to be found even in the midst of a heatwave, if we look beyond the weeds to find it.

Happy Monday!

xo, Patty