August 31, 2014

just a little splash

I was feeling a little guilty about my whining over the heat yesterday so I had to pop in today and counter with a little something positive.

I'm sure you've all heard that Starbucks has their pumpkin spice coffee out early this year. And with me already craving fall, it was so tempting not to do a quick drive through for a pick me up.

Then I found this Pumpkin Spice Coffee Syrup at Target...

I added some to my coffee this morning, opened the sliding door to let some cool air in, lit a fall smelling candle and instant autumn.  This stuff is delicious and it's sugar free.  I don't use a sweetener in my coffee, just a little milk and all it took was a splash of this syrup and I was in heaven.  They have a salted caramel flavor that I can't wait to try as well.

Of course, there are so many other important positive things in my life and I never forget how totally blessed I am.

Happy Sunday!

xo, Patty

August 30, 2014

hello Saturday

Hello Saturday...can we talk vent?

Okay, seriously?  I am so over this summer.  We were in the triple digits again yesterday and don't expect relief anytime soon.  The weatherman did say we could expect a cool down by mid week and we should only be in the mid 90's.  Really...a cool down?

And to make matters worse, I've started to see the most beautiful fall decor all over the place.  I would love to jump on the band wagon but at this point, I think I would be laughed right out of the neighborhood.

My head knows that this is perfectly normal for Southern California but my heart keeps reminding me that our summer started in April this year and that is not normal.  Add to that the fact that we haven't had a lick of rain in eons (okay, a little drama here) and you have the makings of one hot, cranky, whiny girl.

Sorry I didn't mean to monopolize the conversation...what would you like to talk vent about today?

xo, Patty

August 28, 2014

don't settle

I finally repainted the wine cabinet yesterday.  I decided on Benjamin Moore's Waterloo, which the girl at the paint counter at Ace Hardware made into a chalk paint for me at no extra cost.  I panicked a bit when I first applied it because it looked so flat and well, chalky.  (I know a real "duh" moment for me, it is chalk paint after all.)

I knew it needed a coat of wax but I was not willing to pay what they're asking for it so I googled a home made version.  By the time I would have purchased all that was required to make it myself the savings would have been minimal.  I searched for an alternative and found a tutorial where someone suggested using Minwax Polycrylic finish.  I had that in my paint cupboard already so I gave it a try near the back of the piece where I could hide it if I hated it.

It worked like a charm.  I used clear satin and it gave just enough of a shiny finish to make the blue really pop.

I am so glad I didn't settle for the okay blue that I originally painted it and splurged on another quart of paint.  Which by the way, I plan on using to paint my husbands dresser in our bedroom next month.

All that's left in the dining room is to rehang my picture gallery and make up some new place mats.  I am still shooting for a reveal on Monday.

Have a great day and thanks so much for stopping by, I'm always surprised and happy when you do!

xo, Patty

August 26, 2014

feeling refreshed

Thank you for all the encouraging words on yesterdays introspective post.  Sometimes we just need to hear others tell us what we already know.  I spent a couple of days at my moms and am feeling refreshed and ready to dive back into real life.

It's amazing what a little of my mom's cooking, a trip to Hobby Lobby and a movie can do for your outlook.

It's hard to believe this is the last week of August.  Not that I'm not looking forward to fall or anything but this just seems like summers last hoorah and the change of seasons always reminds me that time marches on.  There is no going back to live this one over.  Hopefully, fun times and good memories abound.

I am just about finished in the dining room and I'm so happy with it's cheerfulness.  Even my husband, who is resistant to change, likes it.  That's always a relief, isn't it?  I've decided to put off painting the walls until the weather cools a bit.  I'm not the biggest fan of painting, add the hot weather to that and I'm over it.

Another full day in store for me here, so I better get to it.

Happy Tuesday all!

xo, Patty

August 25, 2014

just wondering...

It's such a fine balancing act I do on this blog.  Wanting to present the best of my life, the pretty, the positive and the happy stuff.

When sometimes reality can be a bit rough around the edges, ugly scars can show up just when you think you have them covered.

If I'm honest this blog can be a bit of a retreat, a place where I can show you the life I'm trying to create.

I never want to make it seem like my life is perfect.  Real people live in this home I'm redecorating and to infer that we don't disagree or even hurt each other would be a lie.

I'm just wondering if it's being phony only showing the part of life I've cleaned up.  Is there a place in this cyber world for a life slightly skewed to the positive?    

xo, Patty

August 23, 2014

hello Saturday

Hello Saturday. I've had my second cup of coffee so I'm ready to get this day going?

I started thinning out the summer weeds garden yesterday so I think I'll continue on with that momentum and tackle another little section today.

I am undecided on whether or not I will try my hand at a fall garden.  While I love the thought of pulling up a few radishes and carrots and maybe trying a new variety of lettuce, my summer garden was such a dismal failure that I am afraid to risk the rejection a puny fall/winter garden might bring.  Can my delicate wannabe gardener's heart take that?

In other (not) exciting news, I pulled all the photos down from our gallery wall of family pictures, gave the frames a good cleaning and switched out a few pictures, so today I hope to paint the wall they hang on and freshen up the arrangement.  I love seeing my family every time I walk by.  Do you have a family photo wall?

Yesterday I stained a few slats of wood for a small project I have in mind, so that's on my to do list as well.  If it turns out like envision, I can't wait to show you the results.  If it doesn't, you won't ever hear me mention it again.  Ha, how's that for truth?

Other than that, it should be a pretty quiet day around here.  What are your weekend plans?

xo, Patty

August 21, 2014

sometimes I prefer the left overs

I made a delicious roast with potatoes for dinner on Sunday and while it was good in it's own right, it was nothing compared to what I made with the leftovers.

Taking the left over beef chopping it finely, adding the chunked up potatoes and frying them up into tacos then topping them with fresh tomatoes, lettuce and shredded cheese is one of my favorite weeknight meals. Add some homemade salsa...perfection.

Sometimes even while I'm planning a meal I am already looking ahead to the leftovers.  I feel the same way about pork chops or pork roast.  So many possibilities.  BBQ pork sandwiches or Chile Verde.  Maybe even fried pork burritos.

What are your favorite meals from leftovers?  Love to add them to my list...

xo, Patty